10 tips to better prepare yourself for the age of wearable technology

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1. Take the test

Wearable technology devices are often used for lifelogging or the Quantified Self movement. Before you invest time, money and effort to seek out the device that you would want to purchase, take this simple test (Here: 5 ways to tell if you’re ready for the age of lifelogging) to find out if you would utilize your wearable technology device well.

2. Pick the right wearable tech device

Once you’ve determined if you’re one who would utilize your wearable technology device well, the next step is to pick the right one for yourself with the myriad of devices that have flooded the market. Here’s our compilation of wearable technology devices for you:

3. Fully utilize what you have

Pair these wearable devices with your existing smart phones. Or if you aren’t keen on purchasing additional wearable technology devices, do know that your smart phones today have various features to help you track your habits. Read more to find out where are our smart phones headed.

4. Pick up the lifelogging hacks

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Since lifelogging has become an integral part of many people’s life and is said to be poised for success in 2015, here’s presenting to you 5 simple lifelogging hacks, which we define to be strategies adopted to better manage one’s lifelogging journey, with the end goal of achieving better personal well-being.

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5. Surround yourself with like-minded enthusiasts

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Surrounding yourself with wearable technology enthusiasts will be important to keep the motivation for lifelogging going. And as we usher in the new age of wearable technology, perhaps you’d find yourself facing more situations where you’d enter into conversation about wearable tech devices. Here are some good-to-knows about wearable technology / the Quantified Self / lifelogging that can help you ace any conversation about it!

6. Use it well throughout the day

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Whether it’s at home or at work, wearable technology can help you to optimize the entire day, every day. Take a look at how the futuristic workplace or home might look like with every one donning all kinds of wearables or even learn some simple tricks on how you can move beyond 24 hours a day using wearable technology gadgets.

7. Use it well throughout the year

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Besides using them well throughout the day, wearable technology devices can also help to turn the situation around by beating the seasonal affective disorders that you might experience with overly long winters or summers. Learn how to do so with these 5 tech savvy ways to beat the winter blues and summer heat.

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8. Manage the data you gather

Wearable technology brings about awareness. However, that awareness only comes with making sense of the data that we have collected using the wearable technology devices. Using wearable tech devices all day, every day, all throughout the year would mean that we have heaps of data collected. Can we truly manage the data we find? Or perhaps the good news is this: that even if we are not able to manage the heaps of data that we gather from our personal trackers and wearable tech devices, the act of tracking in itself has at least motivated some of us to get our lazy bums off that couch to go do something.

9. Be a fashionista at it

Image credited to Tory Burch

With speculations that 2015 will be the year when high fashion meets wearable technology, you can say goodbye to dorky-looking tech devices and say hello to high tech devices that can double up as your high-fashion accessory!

10. Set boundaries for its use

From managing our relationships to helping us inch towards becoming superhumans, here are 3 outlandish ways technology wants to be a little more human for us. So as we usher in the age of wearable technology where we will see an increase in the variety of devices launched, including an increase in creepiest lifelogging devices that might soon find its way into your body or people turning themselves into DIY Cyborgs by implanting tech devices into their bodies, one question we have to ask ourselves is this – just how far should we go with wearable/ingestible technology?

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