Subscription service changes and Clips available

Dear Narrative community,

It’s been some time since we were in touch, so let us update you on what we’ve been doing and what is happening.

As those who read our newsletter from November probably know, we’re transitioning the Narrative company and brand to a new organisation and evaluating the relaunch of the Narrative Clip product line to a wider market.

We’re transitioning the Narrative Service to a paid subscription model

The cloud-based Narrative Service stores the photos you grab with your Narrative Clip for easy viewing through the mobile apps. To keep operating the service for you, we need to start charging a small monthly fee. Since we aren’t yet sure how many of you want to keep using the service, we need to start with a fee of around 3.8 USD/month, and then see what we can do to reduce our costs and share any savings with you.

Our aim is to split the subscriptions into two tiers as soon as we have usage statistics, with a casual user plan at a lower cost as well as a cool Pro Lifelogger plan which might have a slightly higher cost. There is currently no free plan, so if you don’t sign up for the subscription, your photos and videos on your account will be deleted and you may continue using your Narrative Clip 1 or 2 by local file downloading.

As a part of this, we are transitioning the stored photos and videos into the new company’s cloud service, and unfortunately this process has to be concluded with only a few days of notice now. If you intend to keep using the Narrative Service with our paid subscription plan, and thus keep your photos and videos stored on our servers, please log into the Narrative mobile app as soon as you can and accept the updated Terms of Service agreement. Doing this will give us a heads up that your photos should be transferred, and is also necessary for us to provide the service to you from the new company.

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To reduce the risk of terminating accounts due to missed communication, we are transferring all photos uploaded since the previously announced shutdown date of 1 November 2016. We picked this date since everybody who had uploaded photos before that, has had a chance during October to download their data.


We will send email with the link to the new Subscription Signup page when it is launched in a few days as well as update you with a post here.

Scheduled downtime and Desktop client updates

While we transition the database server, we need to temporarily shut down the service both for uploads and viewing, to avoid uploaded data being lost during the move. This is scheduled to take place this week of March 20 and might last between 1-3 days.

At the same time, uploading through the oldest PC/Mac uploader programs will be disabled. These used an older upload protocol which is difficult for us to keep maintaining and thus it will be disabled during the move. We see that some of you are still using the old programs, probably the really hardcore Narrative Clip 1 users out there. But even though we respect nostalgia, you need to upgrade to the latest PC/Mac tools if you want to keep using your Clip 1 after next week. The links are at

We have a limited batch of Narrative Clip 2 for immediate shipping

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We are happy to announce the availability of a limited batch of the Narrative Clip 2 in Red, White and Black, new in retail boxes. These will be available for purchase through our online store at in about a week so please check it out if you are interested. For the purchasers of new Clips, a subscription plan of 3 months will be included. We will post here again as soon as it is up and running.

If you are unsure on what to do, want to give us suggestions or feedback, or want to hang out with other cool Narrative users, please check out the Facebook Narrative Clip Lounge or send an email to

We do hope that this does not create any inconvenience for any users, and we thank all of you who have helped us towards getting Narrative back on track.

The New Narrative Team.