9 Narrative App Features that You Probably Don’t Know About

Did you know there’s a bunch of neat Narrative app features that you may not take advantage off? The Narrative smartphone app and web app are amazing tools for viewing, storing, and managing your Narrative Clip photos and Moments. Check out the list below for a rundown of our absolute favorite features.

1. Favorite a Photo

Do you see a photo in your latest moment that really stands out? Make sure you mark it as a favorite to have it ready at your fingertips for the next time you want to show it off to a friend! Select the photo you would like to favorite, and just tap the star icon on the bottom of your mobile screen. Then easily access your favorite photos anytime from Favorites in the apps.

2. Comment

Do you see a really cool moment in the Explore tab? Wondering where you can go to visit that amazing beach yourself? Ask in a comment to learn! Under each moment preview, you’ll find an area for commenting, chat away!

3. Tag a friend

Don’t keep your great authentic moments all to yourself! The Clip photos you captured of your friend at last week’s birthday party can be tagged! Everyone can sign up for a Narrative account and use the app to explore Narrative Clip Moments, and anyone with an account can also be tagged in your photos. Let’s tag and share the joy!

4. Moment Playback

Did you know that you can ‘play’ your moments and watch them just like you’re watching a movie? When inside the Narrative smartphone app, open a Moment and simply tap it. Now, sit back and enjoy!

5. Split Moment

This web-only feature is very neat. Use the splitting feature, for example, at times when you worn your Clip to a festival and want to split all the acts you experienced into different Moments. When you are viewing a Moment in the web app; click the three dots on the top right of the Moment and the option to Split Moment will appear in the drop-down menu. See a more detailed description here

6. Merge Moments

Just like the Split function above, this is a web-only feature. Sometimes you want to see your whole day as one long amazing Moment! This is when the Merge Moments feature comes in handy: Just click the drop-down menu in the right-hand corner and select “Merge with other Moment”, choose Moments to merge, and voilà! 

7. Download Photos

In the smartphone app, you can select a photo and save it to your phone’s photo album by taping the three dots in the lower right corner. If you instead want a whole Moment or multiple photos in one download; open the Moment you want to download in the web app, select the first photo, hold shift, scroll all the way down, select the last photo, and click on the download icon at the top of the screen!

8. Delete Photo

You can always curate Moments by deleting a photo or two you don’t want. Simply select an individual photo and click the three dots at the bottom right on your mobile screen, the option to delete the selected photo will appear. In the web app, you’ll get the choice of deleting a photo just by selecting it in the Moment View.

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9. Highlighted Photos

The Narrative smartphone app is super smart! If you want to see the collection of photos that the app considers the best ones from within a Moment, all you have to do is to tap the thumbnail bar at the top of your screen and you will get the choice of showing all photos from the Moment (this is the default), or showing just the curated highlights from the Moment.

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