This week in lifelogging: Google for tracking and self experiments

Shipment date, new partners and farewell to a name we love 1

Things are speeding up here at Memoto. We have som fun things to show very soon and we are all focusing on getting it out as soon as possible. But because of that, this week’s sum-up of the lifelogging universe is off a bit fewer words than usual. To compensate: even more great tips on nice lifelogging stories, services and thoughts.:)

How to use Google Docs and Gmail to track anything

This is really convenient. You use two services you probably already use to create a whole new tool. 1+2=3.

How to design self experiments

Not satisfied with that simple A/B test? Why not try an A/B/A test or even go for the A/B/A/B one? I love posts like this.

A very long video about interaction design for Quantified Self

This one is an hour long. But interesting, none the less.

Bodytrack – a new lifelogging service from Fluxtream

This looks interesting. I would love to hear more about how it really works?

12 years in 8 minutes

Viral loops work in mysterious ways. This video has been circulating the web for quite some time in different versions and seems to have surfaced again this week on various outlets. It is an amazing video though. Watch it and get nervous about your aging…

A Pinterest board all about lifelogging

Last but not least, a full Pinterest board dedicated to lifelogging. Thank you Richard Leis! Does anyone have a picture to add to the board? Let Richard know!