[Just in!] A New Year’s letter and Clip 2 Video from Narrative’s CEO

Dear Friends,

Narrative has had an exceptionally awesome year, thanks to our fantastic community and employees. Between the announcement of our second generation Clip in January and continuous improvements to the Narrative App, I don’t know where the time has gone. AND, by far the biggest news of 2015, Narrative Clip 2s have STARTED SHIPPING!!

The Narrative Clip 2 is the culmination of a lot of experimentation, planning and hard work together with our community. What we ended up with is arguably the most versatile, hands-free camera in the world. An impressive 8 megapixel camera with wifi and bluetooth connectivity, interchangeable mounting options and video capabilities. Not to mention the Narrative App — we introduced a lot of new things in the App this year! These are the big ones:

New ways to share the Narrative Experience with friends

There are now several ways you can share with the people you care about, most exciting – according to me – is being able to share entire moments directly to whomever you want.

Friends who don’t own a Clip can now sign up for a free Narrative Account. This allows you to tag them in photos that they can view privately in the “My Moments” area of the app. They will also have access to all the great content shared publicly by the Narrative Community through Explore.

Customizing your Clip and Moments

We all use the Clip in different ways, for different reasons like Narrative user Rebecca capturing her baby’s first year, or Becs and Chris capturing their wedding. Earlier this year we made it possible to adjust the photo capture interval to suit your activity. We also added editing tools to the web app, so you can split and merge Narrative Moments where you want.

Narrative is becoming a platform

With the new powerful Narrative Clip 2 and the upcoming Narrative Open Platform, we have a very strong toolset at our disposal. The features that Narrative ships with out-of-the-box right now just scratches the surface of what we will accomplish. There is a lot more under the hood than what the current feature set is exposing. If you own a Clip 2, the value we create going forward will easily be yours through simple software upgrades.

Developing, designing and building, not only the hardware, but also the software is a huge undertaking. I’m extremely proud of what our young company has accomplished in just three short years. I have no doubt that 2016 will be our biggest year yet — brace yourselves, we’ve got some exciting things in store!

On behalf of everyone at Narrative, I wish you a very Happy New Year!

Video captured with the #narrativeclip2

Martin Källström
CEO, Narrative