Narrative Clip 2 Shipping has Started!

Clip 2 started rolling out of the factory today

Big news! We are pleased to announce that today the first Narrative Clip 2 units shipped out from the factory. Now we are beginning the process of catching up on all of our pre-orders.

This has been Narrative’s biggest year yet, from building the new Narrative Clip 2, with the addition of video capability, to continuously improving viewing and sharing with the Narrative App. We are beyond excited to release the best wearable camera for capturing and sharing your stories to the world.

You can see photos from the production line and take a look at what it’s taken to develop and produce Clip 2 at

Narrative Clip 2 Arctic White + Piano Black

Why aren’t all Narrative Clip 2 shipping out at the same time?

The production pace limits how fast we are able to ship out Clips, so we will process shipping based on three main criteria:

  • shipping region (these first units are headed to the EU)
  • date of order (first in, first out)
  • color of Clip ordered (Piano Black Clips were the first color produced)

How does shipping for pre-orders work?

The Clip 2s are assembled in the factory in Taiwan by the region they are to be delivered to, then they are shipped to our warehouse in that region. We ship to three regions: US/Canada, EU and Rest of the World. The Clip 2s are shipped out directly to you from the warehouses in these regions.

If you ordered in May, we aim to ship you your Narrative Clip 2 in December, at the latest in January. If you ordered after May, the pace of the production ramp up the next few weeks will give us a good estimate on how quickly we can ship your unit. We appreciate your patience while we ramp up production to make sure each Narrative Clip 2 meets a high production quality.

I haven’t pre-ordered, where can I order a Clip 2?

Narrative Clip 2 comes in three colors: Piano Black, Arctic White, and Narrative Red. You can order yours on

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