The Narrative App 2.0 is Here!

The new Narrative App is here and ready for Clip 2! There is a bunch of cool stuff Clip 1 owners and App users without a Clip can do with the 2.0 app as well. Check this out:

1. Share Moment from Mobile

Go ahead, Clip 1 and Clip 2 owners, let your friends see your moments as you lived them. Just update your app and start sharing Moments!

Quick guide to sharing a Moment:

  • Open the Narrative App on your phone
  • Select a Moment you want to share
  • Click on the share icon in the upper right-hand corner
  • Name your Moment and choose a way to share — through Explore, Facebook, Twitter or a link!

2. Watch Video on Explore

The first Clip 2 owners are now starting to share their videos on the Explore tab of the 2.0 app – head over and take a look! And remember that anyone can sign up for a free Narrative account to view and engage in videos and photos in the Explore tab, even non-Clip owners!

3. Activate Clip 2

For those who have a Clip 2 coming their way: the app 2.0 is how you’ll activate it. No more connecting through the uploader or having to use a computer – not even for activating your new Clip. Clip 2 is totally “computer free” if you choose it to be, yay for that!


 … Didn’t Get Your Clip 2 Yet?

Spread joy AND have the chance of winning a Clip 2 by entering out #CaptureJoy contest. The rules are simple; sign up and share a photo of a joyous moment from your life for a chance to win. Read more and participate here. We pick a new winner each week, good luck to you!

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