This week in lifelogging: 2014 trends, charge up in style and Marcus Møller 365 photos

This week in lifelogging: 2014 trends, charge up in style and Marcus Møller 365 photos

What’s coming in 2014

Many people around the world have embarked on a journey of lifelogging for health reasons. Tracking everything from how well they sleep, what they have been eating or how many steps they have walked in one day, this group of people, known collectively as the Quantified Self, is only beginning to grow in numbers. With some saying that 2013 had been a year of wearables and health apps, many begin to wonder what’s next in line for the Quantified Self movement. Can wearables and health apps take us one step further in the realm of health tracking? According to Mashable, 2014 is going to be a year where we see personal health data in the doctor’s office, smart clothes (OM Signal, for instance) that replace wristbands or clip-on health trackers, and augmented nutrition where every one can scan and analyze the chemical composition of any food. Where do you see health tracking going in 2014?

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Charge up in style

With health trackers and wearable tech gadgets taking off in 2014, many are also attempting to remove its greatest stumbling block – short battery life. To do this, many companies have derived creative ways to charge up on the go. One particular group that is working on the Wearable Solar project, wants to create a range of clothing that is embedded with photovoltaic technology that allows wearers to charge their phone wherever they are. In other words, they want people to become their very own gadget chargers. And as you see in the picture above, they are not only out to create functional and environmentally-friendly products, but also very stylish clothing that can even be modeled on the runway. As Fitbit CEO James Park says during an interview at the LeWeb conference, “there is plenty of room for more wearable companies and products in the market”. We’re excited to see more companies merging good design with fun and practical applications of wearable technology!

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365 photos in the life of Marcus Møller Bitsch


A photo a day for the lifelogging junkies. A photo a day combined with surreal and magical styles for this young photographer. As a 20 year old freelance photographer from Denmark, Marcus Møller Bitsch decided to spend a year photographing his life in creative manners. He loved the idea of visual diaries and wanted to add his own flavor into this which he had decided to showcase. How would you add your own character while lifelogging? Check out more of his works here for some inspiration!

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Youtube’s 2013 round up

How was 2013 for you? It surely was a good year for Youtube. As they looked back on their greatest moments this year, they found uncanny similarities across their top videos. With these patterns that they discovered, a team manages to seamlessly integrate it into a mash up of music videos. And they sound pretty good, don’t they? Maybe you should whip out that smart phone of yours and begin weaving your best photos of 2013 to make a compilation like the video above! We hope you have a jolly season ahead and PS: if you’re still out there stressing your way through buying Christmas gifts, here are some ideas with the ultimate wearables gift guide, whether you’re a lifelogging junkie or not.

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