This Week in Lifelogging: Full Google Glass Explainer Video, LED Shoes that Guide You and The World’s Most Quantified Man

This Week in Lifelogging: Full Google Glass Explainer Video, LED Shoes that Guide You and The World’s Most Quantified Man

Full Google Glass Explainer Video

Google developer advocate, Timothy Jordan, speaks about how Google Glass is all about our relationship to technology. He says that Project Glass solves the problem of technology getting into the way of our everyday lives, yet faithfully remains there for us when we want it to.

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LED Shoes Guide You To Your Destination

Just a few weeks back, we mentioned that Google released its Google Talking Shoes at SXSW. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for us, these were not for sale. This week, we discovered new shoes. Believe it or not, these shoes guide you to where you want to go. Just connect the shoe via a USB cable to your laptop, plot where you want to go on the map, press “upload to shoe,” click your heels three times and the GPS is activated. The LED lights then lead you to your destination. If only Dorothy had these on the yellow brink road. Would you wear them?

Watch demo here: Dominic Wilcox: There’s No Place Like Home (VIDEO)


Ever wished you could ignore the millions of messages you get each day and view only those that truly matter to you at one glance? Well, now you can. LinkMe connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and when someone sends you a message – via the dedicated LinkMe app – the words pop up on the bracelet. Do you want a LinkMe bracelet?

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World’s Most Quantified Man

Meet the world’s most quantified man – Christopher Dancy. Nike+ Fuelband, FitBit, BodyMedia Fit Armband, you name it, he wears it. He measures everything and believes that we are moving from data collection to data empowerment. Dancy is not the only one out there in the Quantified Self movement, here are some interesting thoughts on how Lifelogging can change the way we view and express ourselves.

Fold Your Tablet Into Half

As technology advances, we see new possibilities emerging. Probably even folding your tablet in half? Yes, you heard us right. Corning, “the glass company”, has showcased their latest product, the Willow Glass, that bends like plastic. Maybe the shape of our phones or tablets could be customizable in future; nothing has to be rectangular anymore!

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2877 Stills Into A Single Time-Lapse

Watch this amazing time-lapse video made by Jonathan DeNicholas, as he combines 2877 still shots into a single stop motion time-lapse video. Do you have a time-lapse video that you would like to share with us? Sent it our way!

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