Narrative Hack: How to Perfectly Store Your Clip On The Go

James Dean as a Cowboy using Narrative Clip

A while back, Narrative employee Arvid told us about a smart hack that he uses for storing his Narrative Clip on the go: in his tiny jeans pocket!


Arvid at the Narrative Office

It turns out that this little pocket within the larger pocket on the front of your pants is the perfect size for fitting a Narrative Clip. This is great, Arvid says, because placed here the clip is always easily accessible when he needs it, it is dark enough for the clip to pause its capturing, and it is snug enough to prevent the clip from falling out. Another perk is that sometimes when he otherwise would have forgotten to bring his clip, he finds it strategically placed in his tiny jeans pocket to grab whenever he feels like capturing a good moment.

We think this is brilliant, and the tiny jeans pocket surely is the perfect storage place for your Narrative Clip, and we advise this to be the main use of your tiny pocket, of course! But it also got us thinking… What was the original intended use for the tiny jeans pocket?

Well, it turns out that the tiny jeans pocket’s official name is a watch pocket. The name comes from its original use as a protection and storage place for the type of watch hanging from a metal chain which was custom amongst cowboys in the American West back in the 1800’s. As in the image below:

A cowboy's pocket watch in jeans

So thank you Arvid for sharing this innovative hack for using your tiny jeans pocket! We hope that you also may find it useful and try it out in a true cowboy manner next time you bring your Narrative Clip out with you!

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Header Image: James Dean in the Movie ‘Giant’ by Unknown Artist