Interview with Scott Sullivan, Experience Designer at Adaptive Path

Scott Sullivan is an experience designer at Adaptive Path in San Francisco and a long-time Narrative Clip user. Scott also contributes to Fast Company Design – read his most recent article, “Are Your Wearables Invading Someone’s Privacy?,” that talks about Narrative’s design process.  

Connect with Scott Sullivan @scotsullivan on Twitter.

How did you hear about Narrative and how long have you been using your Clip?

From the Kickstarter, and about 4-5 months

How often do you use your Clip and in what settings?

A couple times a week, usually just to document normal boring life.. work, walking around San Francisco etc.

Describe what draws you to this kind of technology.

It gives me a perspective on things that I’ve never had. It’s easy to forget things that seem routine or mundane, but they seem to have some added meaning in their documentation. I’m able to see things I’d otherwise dismiss.

How do you wear/use the camera?

Center of my button-down shirt – low enough that it doesn’t get blocked by my beard.

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What’s the most surprising and/or interesting photo you’ve gotten so far?

I wouldn’t call it surprising, but the photographs from my clip when I was in the hospital with my sister this Spring are definitely the most important to me.

Narrative Interview Scott Sullivan Adapted Path 2

Do you have any stories around how people react to the Clip?

Surprisingly few people ask me about it, they think it’s a Tile (I have a white one).

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What is best moment you’ve captured with the Narrative Clip and why?

Definitely the moments in the hospital with my sister, good and bad.

How do you remember to wear your Clip?

I keep it pretty handy wherever I go, it’s integrated in to my life.

What’s a feature(s) you’d really like to see added to the Narrative service in the future?

Bulk download of days or segmented events.

Anything else you’d like to add or other Clip photos you’d like to share?   

Yeah! SXSW!

Narrative Interview Scott Sullivan Adapted Path 1

and my fiancé!

Narrative Interview Scott Sullivan Adapted Path 3