Who just won a Narrative Clip 2?

Seven of them, actually!

Today we are excited to announce the first seven winners of the #WinClip2 contest! Congratulations to @jeffmarias2001, @Punchbutton, @ExploreChara, @MU51CL0V3R, @mkmackey, @Just_Tank, @naomiharm

Our next generation wearable camera was announced last month. The Narrative Clip 2 has an 8 megapixel camera, a wider angle lens, Wifi and interchangeable clips. It will be available later this year.

How can you enter the contest

To enter the contest you must have a Narrative Karma and complete the “Tweet to win a Narrative Clip 2” challenge. (Narrative Karma is free and open to anyone, so sign up right now!) The contest runs through March 31st.

Thanks to all who entered the contest, keep on tweeting — there are seven more Clip 2’s to win this coming week!

The winning tweets

Jonathan Tweet



Chara tweet



Todd tweet