Did you just win a Narrative Clip 2?

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Seven new Narrative Clip 2 winners

The #WinClip2 Twitter contest is well underway. We’re wrapping up the second week and couldn’t be happier to announce the next seven winners of the Narrative Clip 2 coming later this year. A big congratulations to @pangmkjon, @SpideyJen19, @oydy, @tcn33, @M4RC0J, @Claire_EBI, @dustyhawk

Keep on Tweeting!

The Twitter contest is ongoing until March 31st. Once you’ve activated your Narrative Karma page (it’s simple and free to sign up!) and completed the first Tweet through the challenge link, keep tweeting with your personal code and #WinClip2. You can enter as many times as you like. We will choose seven new winners each week.

Check out this week’s winning tweets below:

marcoHep Claire

Lyle   Jenna