Your Narrative Clip photos show up in the App FAST with improved momentification




: the process of sorting, orienting and cleaning up your Narrative Clip photos for easy viewing and sharing through the Narrative App

Word Origin

Coined in 2012 by the company now known as Narrative, the idea behind momentification is that a perceived situation or event in life captured by the Narrative Clip should correspond to one moment in the Narrative App.

Latest update on momentification

The time it takes for your Clip photos to show up in the Narrative App once they have been sent to the cloud is now super fast! So, when the uploader message says, “Waiting for the server to build moments” it usually just takes a few minutes. Go ahead and give it try! You’ll be reliving that last great hangout with friends in no time.

A moment from team member, Niclas, at a recent lunch. You’ll get an idea of what surrounds Narrative’s Stockholm office.

Check out how a successful upload process looks like here!