Weekly update: PCB evaluation and Memoto app performance improvements

We’re getting closer! Find out what’s been happening at Memoto this week below and don’t forget to check the update archive if you’ve haven’t caught up with us recently. We’d also love to hear if anyone has utilized the dimensions of the camera we released a few weeks ago. Tell us about it!

Hardware production

We are analyzing the latest batch of PCBs for some yield-problems related to manufacturing (essentially weak solder joints), as well as continuing measurements and fine-tuning of the GPS antenna and RF path, which seem to work much better now and we can probably write more about this soon. We are also validating the USB electrical connection fixes we made based on our previous experience with EMI. As for the mechanics, work is done fine-tuning the plastic molds and plastic mixing to optimize the structural integrity of the clip holder, since this is the part which is exposed to the most stress. We are waiting this week for an updated version of our camera module, with an improved connector system since we had some troubles before with the electrical integrity of the current system. Basically, we need to be absolutely certain that a connector cannot come loose from vibrations during shipping or if you accidentally drop your camera.

Software and backend

We’ve been working on performance improvements in the both the OSX uploader, the iOS client and improving performance on iOS. Implementation of the new share interface we talked about last week has been central to this week’s work. Also, the addition of support for deleting photos and moments is almost finished!

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Have a great weekend!

/Memoto team