July 2013 round-up: This week in lifelogging

We’ve compiled all the articles mentioned in July’s This week in lifelogging series for your browsing pleasure. If you’re interested in our commentary on these articles please visit the This week in lifelogging section of the blog. Enjoy!

QS products

A week of Jawbone UP with George Osborne

A weekend with Misfit Shine: An activity tracker for people tired of ugly fitness gadgets

Who needs a smartwatch? This shirt monitors breathing and heart rate

Hexoskin–A Second Skin for the Quantified Athlete And Maybe Even You!

Details on Apple’s iWatch and New iPhone Emerge

Meet Filip, a simple smartwatch for young kids to call home

iwaku Is A Connected Wake-Up Light That Can Sync With Sleep Cycle Apps To Rise You Right

Biosensor tattoo monitors sweat to gauge physical exertion

Groopic For iPhone Mashes Up Group Photos To Include The Missing Photographers

Stealth fitness startup Human wants to make the quantified self mainstream

Lifelogging experiments

Turning a year’s worth of movements into a musical track

Project 365: How to take a picture a day and see your life in a whole new way

Marissa Mayer Is Handing Out More Than 11,000 Jawbone UP Fitness Bands To Help Yahoo Employees Stay In Shape

30 Photos That Capture the Best Moments of People’s Lives

These Hundred-Photo Composites Take Street Photography to the Next Level

Other topics

30 Photos That Capture the Best Moments of People’s Lives

Tell me EVERYTHING about you: What’s next in Quantified Self?

I have a love-hate relationship with photography: Michael Katakis

Mindful Photography May Help Increase Wellness, According To Positive Psychology

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Mindfulness in Photography

Google Is Looking For Brave (And Strong) Backpackers To Help It Map The World’s Hard-To-Reach Places