Weekly update: 200 PCBs for testing and finished web-view of a shared moment

Time sure does fly, it’s Friday again! Friday means it’s time for an update regarding our production progress. We want to keep everyone in the loop as we work towards locking down a reliable delivery date and bringing you an incredible lifelogging experience. You can take a look back at previous updates here.

So, what’s been happening this week at Memoto?


Regarding production,

  • we’re still waiting for the pre-series production. 200 PCBs will be done next Monday and half of them mounted with components during the week. As mentioned before, these will be run through a couple of standard environmental tests before we let them continue with the rest of the production. It is difficult to estimate the risk that any of those tests will hold up anything; some of them are for regulatory compliance and some are simply to make sure the quality is good enough for a ship worthy product, but of course our hope is that it will be a quick procedure.
  • We have concluded the design of the Memoto USB cable. The port on the camera is a Micro-USB connector. We are ordering 5000 of these next week or so and the production time for this is just a couple weeks.
  • Our packaging manufacturer in Taiwan has made the samples of the packaging and are shipping them to us with DHL today. They will arrive on Monday or Tuesday next week.


  • As we said last week, the focus here is continuing to improve the upload handling and building of moments. We have more work to do before we can accommodate production loads.
  • We’ve made the process handling on the servers better. Issues with deployments and software updates because daemons were terminated improperly have been fixed.
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The design for the web-view of a shared moment is complete and we began working on how the LEDs will display different states like: power on, battery status.

We’ve also been continuing to:

  • develop factory tests for the camera.
  • build the windows client

See you next week!

/Memoto Team