[New] Narrative Clip 2 has improved location tagging

Header image by Caitlin Regan

Improved location tagging on Clip 2 photos and videos

We’re thrilled to announce that Narrative Clip 2 now uses Wifi-positioning assisted GPS! Narrative has partnered with Skyhook to put more geo-location tags on your Clip 2 photos and videos.

Narrative Clip 5

The 1.3.6 update adds assisted location tagging.

The update gives the built-in GPS a helping hand by using nearby Wifi points when it isn’t able to register a location, much like your smartphone does.

This is accomplished with a minimal effect on battery life and is an exciting improvement to the Clip 2 experience.

For Clip 2 users

To get this update, simply plug Clip 2 into a power source and make sure it is connected to Wifi. Then:

  • Keep Clip 2 connected to the power source for at least 20 minutes, so the update can download
  • Make sure the battery has a charge of at least 75% and
  • Disconnect from the power source

You can read more about firmware updates in this knowledge base article.

Thinking about getting a Clip 2?

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