Introducing Narrative’s IFTTT channel – An easy way to connect your Narrative experience to other apps

Now the Narrative App can connect to hundreds of other apps and devices

We’re excited to introduce Narrative’s IFTTT channel! For those of you not familiar with IFTTT, it’s a platform that allows you to create a connection between different web services and devices.

Through the triggers on our IFTTT channel, you can make different activities happen when you favorite a photo in the Narrative app, share a Moment or upload a new Narrative Moment. We’ve created a few ready-to-use recipes to show you what it can do.

Check out these examples of Narrative IFTTT recipes you can use right now:

If I favorite a Narrative photo then post it my Tumblr feed.


If I share a link to a Narrative Moment then add that link to a dropbox file.

dropbox ifttt

If I upload a new Moment then add a link of that Moment to my personal calendar on the day I captured it.


Head over to IFTTT and give it a try!