Why move to Stockholm?

This week, Narrative is curating the @movetostockholm account on Twitter and for that reason we want to present some of our relocated employees. First out is Sarah, one of our very first employees and a very important part of the marketing team.

Instagram Sarah 2

Name: Sarah M

Twitter handle:

What do you do at Narrative?
Community Manager

Where were you born and raised?
Eastern Kentucky

What made you decide to move to Stockholm?
I finished graduate school in Lund, Sweden and wanted to continue living in Sweden.

Do you have any favorite spots in Stockholm?
Summer picnics and walks on Långholmen. Vetekatten for fika.

What was it like moving here?
Pretty easy, everything went smoothly. I visited the city several times before I decided to move.

Has the re-location/move lived up to your expectations?

The one Moment you would like to relive:
Midsommar 2015.