Why move to Stockholm part 2

Another of our relocated colleagues is Dan the man. Backend guru with floor ball skills.

Name: Dan Berglund
Twitter handle:

What do you do at Narrative?
Software Engineer/Team Manager in the Backend/Operations team

Where were you born and raised?
Örnsköldsvik, in the north of Sweden

What made you decide to move to Stockholm?
Mostly work and a lot of friends in Stockholm

Do you have any favorite spots in Stockholm?
I really like the city so far, but haven’t really decided on favorite spots.

What was it like moving here?
It went very smoothly, I was already familiar with the town. Finding an apartment can be tricky, but was solved eventually.

Has the re-location/move lived up to your expectations?
Absolutely, I’ve had a ton of fun since moving here last year.

The one Moment you would like to relive:
Skiing in the mountains with my best friends.