Have You Ever Been to a Japanese Fish Market for a live Auction?

Tsukiji fish market

Narrative’s Golden Ticket winner, Kei, went to an auction at the Tsukiji fish market during his trip to Tokyo. We got to see some video and Moments from his really early morning at the auction..

And It’s quite the show!

… it starts out pretty calm and quiet:


Click the image to view Kei’s Narrative Clip 2 video 


But sooner than you know it; it speeds up and gets a bit crazy:

Make sure to grab that fresh fish!

Tsukiji_fish_market02Click the image to view Kei’s Narrative Clip 2 video

Tsukiji Fish Market

A Japanese fish market typically happens early in the morning. This particular auction, happening at the fish market in Tsukiji, Tokyo has origins back in the 16th century when the fish that wasn’t sold to the Castle was auctioned out at a nearby spot – which then became theTsukiji fish market. Today the Tsukiji fish market is the biggest wholesale market in the world!


Sushi for Breakfast

Imagine having sushi made from fish caught just a few hours ago. This is what Kei and his friend had at a nearby spot after visiting the auction. Of course, it was still very early, so sushi was on the breakfast meny that day. Take a look at the clock hanging on the wall in the Moment below: one would think it showed 6:30 pm, but it is actually 6:30 am!




Click the image to view Kei’s full Narrative Clip 2 Market + Sushi Moment

Stay tuned for more Moments from Kei’s Golden Ticket adventure in Japan!


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