Meet the team: Linnea Bergner

Location: Linköping

Twitter handle: I don’t use Twitter

What do you do at Narrative? I’m a logistics coordinator and I do a lot of different things. For example purchasing components, make production and shipment plans, sourcing for new suppliers, checking our components and finished goods inventories and so on. It’s a very varying job and since we’re not a huge organisation the teams helps each other and work cross functional. That’s very fun and developing!

What’s one thing we should know about you? I love yarn and find it really relaxing to crochet! When I go into a yarn shop and see all the different colours and types of yarn, I get really delighted and want to buy all the things in the shop!

What book have you recently finished, or are currently reading? Now I’m reading “The girl you left behind” by Jojo Moyes and it’s a very interesting and touching story. I have also read two other books by Moyes and I totally got hooked in them and couldn’t stop reading.

Favorite non-work-related website: Due to my interest of crocheting and crafting I like Pinterest very much. There’s so many people out there making so lovely and creative things that I like to get inspired of and try things on my own.

What did you want to be as a child? When I was little I wanted to work with papers in an office, just like my dad did. He was an accountant and for me that meant he was working with papers. I got some junk papers from my dad that I sorted and organised and wished that I worked in an office.

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Best advice you have ever received: That you should live more in the moment and do spontaneous things. I’m a planning and organisational person so I think it’s good for me to be more spontaneous and not always plan what I should do.

Favorite Quote: I like this phrase written by an amazing Swedish recording artist named Laleh. She writes very nice and thoughtful lyrics. This quote reminds me of that even if you have a hard time there’s always something to be happy about.

“Just because it’s black in the dark. Doesn’t mean there’s no colors.”

Moment you would like to relive: Just recently my grandfather passed away and during this summer my sister and I did a visit to our grandparents. They are very old both of them but despite their age they were alert and happy. We talked and laughed. I had my Clip 1 on me during our visit and I got very nice pictures of my grandfather! I love to look at that moment and the pictures helps me to remind and get back to when we were in their room and had a really good time.