Halloween Pumpkin Painting with the San Francisco Narrative Team

On October 27th, the San Francisco office held a pumpkin painting event in collaboration with WeWork Transbay. Together we provided a fun experience to paint pumpkins while enjoying some delicious cocktails and pie. WeWork members came down to the 14th floor and enjoyed an assortment of delicious pie and sangria.

With their tummies full, they then put their creativity to work and painted pumpkins. We allowed members to wear a Narrative Clip while they painted their pumpkin so that they could capture their work of art as it happened.

Below are some photos captured from our Narrative Clip cameras. You can also view the whole moments:

Ryan Lum, Growth Manager POV

Corina Standiford, Communication Director POV

Maria Durkee POV, Customer Care


weworkpumpkinpaint3 weworkpumpkinpaint2 weworkpumpkinpaint1 weworkpumpkinpaint4