A Baby’s View of the World!

Narrative Baby foot

Finally, with Narrative Clip, we get to see the world through Baby Davis’ perspective!

As we know from part 1 and 2 in this series, Rebecca has done a lot to document her baby’s life, and in this third and last part of the series, she shares with us the very special ways in which she collects memories and photos of Davis’ first year of life – and her plan of how she will one day hand them over to her son when he is older. 

Very Special Memories

Aside from gathering memories with photos from the Narrative Clip, Rebecca has a time capsule for baby Davis, where the family collects all types of items and memories from Davis’ first year. The capsule is to be sealed on Davis’ first birthday, and by that time it will hold letters from the family mentioning things going on in the world or in Davis’ life during this first year, along with newspaper clippings from the day Davis was born, his birth announcement and hospital bracelet, photos, and everything else they think will be of value to him in the future.

“At my son’s first birthday party, we will have a time capsule sealing. All items will be placed in the container and sealed. We haven’t completely settled on a date of opening yet, but it might be his 18th birthday or high school graduation.” Says Rebecca

Halfway through her pregnancy, Rebecka also created an email account for her baby. To this email address, she send short email notes of her thoughts to Davis. The emails, together with short videos that Rebecca is making will function as a little collection for Davis to remember his mother by in the future.

“The reason I did this is because I now cherish the two voicemails I have left that were my father, one was on my birthday where he sang to me. I listen to that just to hear his voice again.”

A Baby’s View of the World

At times, Rebecca clips her Narrative Clip to baby Davis’ clothing. She was kind enough to share some of the funny and lovely photos she got with the Narrative Community here on our blog. Take a look at what her Clip captured last:

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Parenting_With_Narrative_Baby_01“Daddy feeding Davis at a restaurant”

Parenting_With_Narrative_Baby_02“Sitting in the buggy waiting for fireworks on 4th of July”

Parenting_With_Narrative_Baby_06“Davis’s Grammy waiting for fireworks”

Parenting_With_Narrative_Baby_04“The sunset while waiting for fireworks”

Parenting_With_Narrative_Baby_08“Shopping at Davis’ favorite store because it has the shopping carts with car wheels!”

Parenting_With_Narrative_Baby_03“Mommy and Daddy shopping”

Parenting_With_Narrative_Baby_05 “Mommy letting Davis pick out a shirt”

Parenting_With_Narrative_Baby_07“Smiles with Mommy!”

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