Public Moments in the Narrative Smartphone Apps

As natural as it is for us to cherish our memories on our own, sharing them with others is often just as valuable. The recent release is the first step in making the Narrative Service a more social experience. The public moments timeline is now available on the Narrative Android app and iPhone. You can choose to share complete moments and add more context to them by providing a caption or description. It’s a fantastic way to connect to others in the Narrative Community and share your stories and liking theirs. Check out public moments in your Narrative App.

The Narrative smartphone apps are an integral part of the Narrative Experience and are being developed along side the camera. The Narrative App allows you to view your photos in an organized and straightforward way. Your moments, a logical collection of photos, are presented with time, date and location information on a timeline. You can then go into each moment and view all the photos as a timelapse or scroll through them one by one.

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