Celebrate Spring with the #MySpringNarrative photo contest

Celebrate Spring with the #MySpringNarrative photo contest 5

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So, spring probably means different things to different people and we are curious to see the world from your eyes. Those of us here in Sweden are looking forward to spending more time outdoors in the sun.

The challenge

It’s simple, wherever you are in the world, show us what spring means to you. Perhaps, it’s represented by a change in weather, a holiday, a festival or good cleaning of your humble abode.

What’s your spring narrative? 

Here are some some examples caught by my Narrative Clip for inspiration.

photo 1 Springtime is budding @getnarrative #MySpringNarrative

photo 3 (2)Candy and Easter Witches? That’s right, witches. It’s a thing here in Sweden. @narrativeclip #MySpringNarrative

The Prize

We’ll take the winning photo and have it printed on marshmallows that will be sent to you…Yep. Marshmallows. Your very own springtime treat!

photo (4)

Marshmallows with the Narrative logo

Fun fact: The only way to get the photos on the marshmallows is through Instagram. Therefore, the winning photo will be uploaded to our @narrativeclip Instagram account.

The Rules

Entering the contest is easy. Take a photo of something that represents spring to you and add a caption for context. Then tag @narrativeclip on Instagram or tweet at @getnarrative on Twitter and use #MySpringNarrative. That’s it. One photo, with the correct tags, submitted on Instagram or Twitter constitutes one entry. You can enter as many times as you like.

The contest runs through Thursday, April 24st at 23.59. A winner will be chosen by the Narrative team and announced on Friday, April 25th. Good luck!

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Aluminum foil dipped in water can remove rust stains. #springcleaning