Shipment date, new partners and farewell to a name we love

Shipment date, new partners and farewell to a name we love 9

Today, we are happy and proud to make three major announcements that we think will all have a great positive impact on how we can serve our community of backers, customers and friends.

Our CEO Martin Källström says it best in his open letter – we recommend you read it for the full picture – but to summarize:

  • Memoto can not be called Memoto any more. We have come to the conclusion that the brand Memoto can’t be used on a global scale, specifically because it conflicts with similar trademarks in the market. After painfully realizing we have to give up Memoto and search for a new name, we are very pleased with what we have found. The company previously known as Memoto is now called Narrative. We think Narrative resonates very well with what we try do to and under this new name we can even better explore our ideas for the future.

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  • Finally, we can announce the starting date for the shipping to Narrative’s Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers: on November 1st, the first batch of cameras will roll out from the factory in Taiwan. From there on, we will continue shipping as quickly as possible. In a couple of weeks, we will have an interface ready where you can log in with your email address to see an estimate on when your unit will arrive.
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As always, we appreciate your feedback. Because of the name change, some of the contact points have been updated:

We wouldn’t have come this far without our fantastic community and we want to thank you for all for your support and faith in us. Please head on over to the former Memoto website to read a letter from Martin, our CEO.

Much love,

Narrative team