A Great Summer with Narrative Clip!

Summer Moment

Summer is the time to put on a pair of flip flop sandals, meet up with your friends and family, and throw all worries aside while effortlessly clipping your Narrative Clip to your summer outfit of choice.

In the Narrative App, there are plenty of amazing photos by Clip users who show great skills at living the moment this summer. Below we have gathered 25 great photos by our users that we think portray a perfect summer. Enjoy!

Narrative Clip 2 is Almost Here!

We are very proud and excited to be releasing Narrative Clip 2 this fall. Make sure to get your Clip 2 by pre-ordering today – signing up for and using your Narrative Karma will even give you a great discount applicable only towards Pre-orders of Clip 2. New highlighted features of Clip 2 include:

  • Wireless connectivity and Bluetooth for easy access of photos
  • A 90-degree lens that captures beautiful 8-megapixel photos, and improved light sensitivity for low light settings
  • Modular clip provides versatile wearing options such as on a necklace or pinned on a jacket

Go get yours with an excellent Karma discount while you still can! 

Now, Sit Back and Enjoy these Amazing Summer Photos by Our Community:


Narrative_Summer_16Narrative_Summer_17Narrative_Summer_04 Narrative_Summer_25Narrative_Summer_06 Narrative_Summer_24Narrative_Summer_12 Narrative_Summer_23 Narrative_Summer_22Narrative_Summer_26 Narrative_Summer_21Narrative_Summer_08 Narrative_Summer_20Narrative_Summer_27 Narrative_Summer_19 Narrative_Summer_18 Narrative_Summer_15 Narrative_Summer_14 Narrative_Summer_13 Narrative_Summer_11

Narrative_Summer_05 Narrative_Summer_09 Summer moment by Narrative Clip Narrative_Summer_07 Narrative_Summer_02