Weekly update: New PCBs and multiple photo selection

Weekly update: New PCBs and multiple photo selection 2

If you haven’t checked the updates in a while you can see how the Memoto camera and app are coming together in this short video, get the camera dimensions for DIY Memoto accessories and read about the camera design process.


We’re optimizing production yield factors with regards to assembly, plastic material mixing, and rubber part hardnesses. We’ve also received the latest PCBs we last talked about here and are in the process of analyzing their performance.


A big focus has been on photo selection within the Memoto app. Sometimes you want to find those special photos that turned out beautiful or are special and share, save or favorite them. This week we have put some work in to exactly that.

Multiple photo selection


You will now be able to easily select one or more photos within a moment with one simple tap. This is how it works:

Find a moment that you find interesting. Tap and hold a photo to enter photo select mode, this photo will also be selected automatically and marked with a orange border.

Swipe around within the moment and find other photos you like and add more to the selection by tapping on them. You can easily deselect photos by tapping again. When you are happy with your selection, simply expand the options menu by tapping the arrow and browse through the options at hand.

Much Love!

/Memoto Team