This week in lifelogging: Creating more memories, better mood management and enhancing our lives

This week in lifelogging: Creating more memories, better mood management and enhancing our lives 2

How to create more memories










We often have people telling us that they need to make their life more interesting before buying a Memoto, so they can create better memories to be captured. We think that this speaks to people’s desire to inject some excitement into their lives. So, this week, we found this great article on how we can create more excitement in our lives. Firstly, mix things up and prize novelty. More often than not, we get comfortable with a routine and often feel we are stuck in a rut; to counterbalance this, try something new! A new place or activity often forces you to pay more attention and create denser memories. Today, we are challenging you to say yes to whatever you have been putting off for a long time. You never know what you will get out of it. Remember, boredom is a choice and we are the stories that we tell ourselves. So, unless you do something about it, nothing is going to change. Secondly, do things with people. Great memories often involve spending time with people. You don’t necessarily have to make new friends constantly. Simply try out new places or activities with your close friends. Lastly, relive those moments! It has been found that reliving memories can help to solidify the memories and that if you consciously focus on creating a good memory, it sticks. To further challenge yourself, here are 50 ways to inject excitement into your life.

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Why you should become curious today










A reason why you should constantly challenge yourself to stay curious is because curiosity fuels innovation and the ability to come up with new ideas inspired by ongoing stimulation. Curiosity inspires new ways of doing things and breeds agile minds and flexible thinking. It prevents us from getting bored and opens us up to new worlds and possibilities. Most importantly, it helps us to grow. We just spoke about creating more memories, and a good starting point to that is to constantly challenge yourself to stay curious. Here are some ways you can start to ignite your own curiosity.

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An Informed Heart

In our search to understand quantified self better, we found this great keynote by Dr. Liz Miller, who came up with the concept of Mood-Mapping to help us understand our moods better. She theorizes that once we know ourselves better, we can then work out why we feel this way and what we can do to feel better. Once we can manage their own mental health and well-being, we can then begin to live life to the fullest. Check out her great keynote on how we can manage our moods better.

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Trying Out Quantified Self








On the same note of self-improvement, we also looked at the benefits of quantified self for consumers. In this past month, we’ve seen many great wearable technology being introduced to the market, but how can they be applicable to us? Research has shown that the premise of the quantified self movement is to generate sustainable behaviour change. It allows us to experiment on ourselves and try out different ways of living to find out what suits us best. It also helps us to track our health, productivity levels as well as our habits to maximize every aspect of our lives. Looking at these, it seems that quantified self is a great concept to integrate into our lives. However, many self-tracking gadgets out there are still really expensive. To encourage more of you to try out self-tracking, we found this article on several cheap methods to get started.

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Race Capture












Lastly, this is for our car racing enthusiasts out there. We believe that race car drivers all share one thing in common: To cross the finish line in as little time as possible. However, collecting driving data for improvement is often difficult and expensive to gather. Recently, we came across this great company called Autosport Labs, that has designed a revolutionary open-sourced alternative called “RaceCapture” for collecting driving data.

Here’s how it works. Race or street drivers can put the Race Capture Pro hardware onto their car’s dashboard and receive real-time driving data as they drive. Whether it’s tire pressure, suspension issues or steering angles, you can find all that out and more immediately with the software. This thus allows you to change your setting spontaneously to improve your driving.

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Photo Credit: LifeHack , Sebastian Marshall Quantified Self

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