Weekly update: The to-do list

So how are we doing relative to the to-do list that we presented in the On the art of anticipating velocity update? Let’s take a look:

  1. Finish the tooling for the plastic injection molding. 
  2. Create and approve samples of all parts. 
  3. Manufacture all the plastic/rubber parts and steel clip for each camera. We have gone through several tooling adjustment and sample production runs for all plastic, rubber and metal parts of the camera, and are very close to approval of all parts for mass-production.
  4. Manufacture the circuit board for each camera. The release-candidate circuit boards we got in early June had some issues we’ve talked about in previous updates regarding electromagnetic emissions which disturb the GPS-circuits and FCC/CE certification, which meant we couldn’t proceed to mass-production with them. We’re currently waiting for the fixed circuit boards to be manufactured and verified.
  5. Manufacture a Micro USB cable. The cable is done and waiting for final mass-production approval. We need to test this together with the fixed circuit boards when they arrive, for the FCC/CE test, before we can approve MP.
  6. Finish the test bench and testing firmware. This is done and working, but we are continually adding more tests to this that catches possible production failures we didn’t think about originally, as we build and test our beta units now.
  7. Print an instruction manual/quick start guide for each camera. 
  8. Manufacture the packaging. The packaging is designed and ready and waiting for MP.
  9. Add features to the mobile apps. We have working versions of the Uploader for Mac and Windows. We also have working versions of our smartphone app for iPhone and Android. There are still some things we to improve but we love the way they are turning out.
  10. Test, test, test The camera, uploaders and apps are being tested within the company and have also had some beta testers testing the product and giving us valuable feedback. Our goal is to make the entire Memoto lifelogging process as easy-to-use as possible, so testing it on a lot of people is really important to us.
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As always, you can find the older updates here.

Happy Monday!

/Memoto Team