Weekly Update: “The Memoto Camera – Tested And Proven”, portal for questions/ideas, latest production news

Memoto Lifelogging Camera: Tested And Proven

To introduce this week’s update, let us first present you with some backstory. The spirit in which we’re sharing our continuous progress in these updates follows our general design philosophy – openness, transparency, and an eagerness to learn the true wishes and needs of our customers in order to delight them – you – with our product. This post that we just published presents what happened before Kickstarter campaign was launched: the rigorous and thoughtful process of creating the device we’re all so excited about: “Memoto Lifelogging Camera – Tested And Proven“.

Memoto Questions/Suggestions

Many of you have already discovered the “Memoto Support & Community Central“. There you can search our knowledge base for answers to common questions, or easily share your ideas for how we can make the Memoto camera even better in the future. We appreciate all questions and suggestions you send our way, and we hope to see more of you there!

Production Update

On the hardware side, this week has been focused on identifying and correcting potential yield issues to ensure smooth operations for the mass production. We’re also conducting internal beta-testing within the team with prototype units. We are successfully sending thousands of photos per user per day to the Memoto Cloud, and accessing them through our iPhone and Android apps. We had a delivery problem with the LiPo-batteries used in the device, and are trying our best to get our battery shipment to our factory as soon as possible. The estimate for the first finished Memoto Cameras to be shipped is still the end of summer – meaning August/September.