Weekly update: Special report from Yomura

Weekly update: Special report from Yomura 1

Factory direct! We’ve got Linus and Johan back from Taiwan. As we’ve mentioned in previous updates, they have been visiting our factory, Yomura, to oversee the production of the Memoto camera. Things are moving ahead and looking good. Here are some highlights of their trip and progress that’s being made.

Linus arrival

Chuck, Ming, Linus and a few innocent bystanders. Arrival day in Taiwan, somewhat tired, but still excited after at least 16 hours of traveling. There’s nothing like walking out of cool air-conditioned airport into a tropical climate.

street view

A busy intersection in Taipei with Taipei 101 in the distance. Interesting how Johan managed to capture only one Scooter, there were hordes of them everywhere.

make shift workspace

The conference room, setup for our visit, with an incoming continuous flow of water, coffee and enthusiasm from the Yomura team. Almost daily, new samples arrived for various parts of the products and piled up on the tables, shortening the cycle time for feedback immensely compared to when shipping everything to/from Sweden.

testing usb

The production test software testing a Memoto PCB through USB. Different versions of the test is placed at different points along the production path.

Johan and the team Johan with teams from Yomura and Fudy

Johan and the teams from Yomura and Fudy.


This is an imposing complicated machine with lots of levers and wheels, used to produce parts of the Memoto packaging.

light box

The box used for testing the camera’s color and focus properties. It is screened to reduce the influence of outside light sources in the test, to make it as repeatable as possible.

Load testing

Load testing the clip and plastic strength. We wouldn’t recommend doing this test at home.. Please note that the Memoto logo visible on this unit is not the final version, which will be a bit more subtle.

Linus and team LINE 1

This is one of the production lines used for assembling the surface-mounted components onto the printed circuit boards and the associated reflow soldering.


Weekend break in the mountains at Yangmingshan National Park. The Qingtiangang lava terrace was previously used as a pasture for grazing cattle.


These are the first trial injection shots of the Memoto-orange plastic covers. Please note that the lighting in the room where we took this photo was not optimal to faithfully reproduce the color.

Linus Orange Cam

Linus wearing the first assembled prototype using the Memoto Orange casing. As Johan was shooting, someone was arriving with a tray of new samples of some sort.

Have a nice weekend!

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