Memoto Cloud Service Subscription

Memoto is more than a wearable device; it’s a hardware and software service for remembering every moment. To get access to a photographic memory, you’ll need not only a small camera but also a strong, smart and secure backend system.

We’re building Memoto’s backend to handle millions of photos for millions of users. You should be able to upload your photos from your camera in a fast and secure way. You should be able to rely on the photos staying on the servers, out of reach to anyone but you. And, most importantly, you should be able to access and make use of your large photo stream.

“Memoto’s Lifelogging Experience” – the camera, the cloud service and the apps have been beautifully described in this infograph (also below). The subscription fee for the organization and storage of your photo stream will be $9 (+ tax where applicable) per month, starting year 2. In exchange, you get access to “the brain and the heart” of Memoto:

We hope you find this deal as smart as we do. And remember, if you order a Memoto camera today, the full subscription fee for the whole first year is included. If you haven’t already, order your Memoto camera here.

All the best, Memoto Team via Oskar

Answers to some common questions below.

– Can I upload other data and store in the Memoto cloud? Why not? 
No. Memoto is not a storage service. 

– Can I delete my photos? Will this also delete my metadata? 
Yes and yes. 

– What about all that compounding data? For example, will 3 years of data cost 3x as much as the first year? 
No, the monthly cost is a flat fee.

-What if I choose not to renew the subscription (or wish to opt out of it altogether)? 
You have the option to store all photos (with the exception of GPS location) on your local hard drive and managing them manually in a standard photo catalogue.

Memoto Lifelogging Experience Infograph

Memoto Lifelogging Experience Infograph