How to get Narrative immediately and at a price you’ll love

How to get Narrative immediately and at a price you’ll love 1

 Immediate shipping

We’ve been shipping the Narrative Clip since December 2013. A steadily increasing crowd of users from around the world has starting sharing their stories of how they use Narrative. But, to be part of this crowd, you had to stand in line from anywhere between a month to over a year!! That really takes some patience and commitment!

No more of that now.

As of today, Narrative is available for immediate shipping. This means, we have a full stock of Narrative Clips ready to ship out as soon as you place your order. Then, depending on the country your Clip is destined for, it takes only a few days before you can start capturing your moments hands-free and effortlessly.

$229, 3 months subscription included

What’s more, we’ve listened to those of you who have asked to try out the Narrative Clip with a shorter included subscription time. 12 months can be a long time for a new product you’ve never seen before.

You can now choose to get your Narrative Clip with only 3 months subscription for $229. The standard option of 12 months subscription for $279 remains for those of you who want the best deal for your subscription.

Coming soon! Narrative on Amazon

Last but not least, you will be able to get Narrative at the same place you get all your other stuff. Amazon, that is. As you might have noticed, Amazon launched a new wearables section a few weeks back and Narrative is proud to be one of a few selected brands to be featured there.

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Through Amazon, you will be able to buy Narrative Clip with the 3 month subscription at $229 and the speedy delivery you’re used to.

We hope you’ll like these improvements to the availability of Narrative. Keep telling us how we can improve and we look forward to future wonderful things to happen.