Hooray! All Narrative Clip 2 pre-orders are on their way!

It is June 17 2016 and a beautiful summer day and all pre-ordered Narrative Clip 2 units have either been delivered or are on their way out of the warehouse!

We wanted to thank you all for your patience and support throughout this process. Getting Clip 2 to everyone took longer than any of us wanted but we’re so happy to say that today is a major milestone! This wouldn’t have been possible without your support. We’re lucky to have such an incredible community who have believed in us throughout this journey. Thank you. Now we’re looking forward to all the joyful and breathtaking moments you’ll be able to capture with your Clip 2.

If you haven’t ordered a Clip 2 yet, you can get one now. But hurry up before they go out of  stock again!

(Be sure to tag the moments you share with #NarrativeClip so we can enjoy them with you!)