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Looking back at the first impressions – Narrative Clip Reviews

We are incredibly happy to see that it’s not just us in the team who loves Narrative and the Narrative Clip. The rapid growth of the user community and users sharing their experiences and their positive feedback and user reviews makes us warm at heart. There’s been Narrative Clips out in the wild since late 2013 and aside of lots of great user reviews, the traditional press has also been overwhelmingly kind in its reviews. It would be impractical to put press reviews together, but we thought we should share some of the best Narrative Clip reviews here.


“The Narrative Clip demonstrates how a simple, easy-to-use, fairly low-tech gadget can enhance your life, by helping you remember all the things – good and bad – that happen.” Les Shu, Digital Trends.

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“The Narrative Clip is the most polished of the wearable lifelogging cameras we’ve looked at to date. [It’s] just as good as I hoped it would be.” Martin Bryant, The Next Web

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“Taking a picture is not just admiring something, but creating a diminutive piece that is your own.” Dani Fankhauser, Mashable

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“I now have a flipbook of my friend’s baby pugs frolicking, a capture of a moment that’s not only priceless, but would otherwise not have been purposefully recorded.” Mike Lasky, Wired

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“Even only having worn the Clip over the course of a few weeks, I found I could look back on some of the earlier moments and be surprised with what memories they jogged.” – Chris Davies, SlashGear

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“Yes, I took gigabytes of boring photos of me sitting in front of a computer at work. But when I took the tiny camera hiking or hanging out with kids, they produced Instagram-worthy shots. (I also discovered surprising uses, like when I scanned my photo log to discover where I’d misplaced my watch.)” Geoffry Fowler, Wall Street Journal

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“Narrative works exactly as advertised — it’s your onboard photographic memory!I imagine this being a pretty indispensable tool for new parents who don’t want to become camera-toting cliches, or for a blogger who wants to capture images from his or her day without being obtrusive or conspicuous.” “For the practically minded, this could be a perfect device for helping you remember things — names, faces, meals, absolutely whatever else.” Dylan Love, Business Insider

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“I owe it all to my favorite new accessory: a Triscuit-sized, wearable camera called the Narrative Clip that automatically snaps a photo every 30 seconds. Yet even more than expanding my memories, I found my own camera companion was actually creating new ones.” Bianca Bosker, Huffington Post

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“The iOS and Android apps immediately impress. Even after a week, when memories begin fading, opening the Narrative app on my phone helps recall not only the events, but the emotions, I was feeling at the time.” Daniel Bader, Mobile Syrup

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“The mobile app is pretty slick. It’s a breeze to swipe along a ribbon of thumbnails near the bottom and enlarge chosen moments for closer inspection. I’m able to share any of those photos from the app to Facebook and Twitter. […] These are moments that I would have never thought to take a photo of, but they are part of my existence, now recorded in imagery.” – Ron Harris, Associated Press

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