Lifeloggers: behind the camera with Victor Bloom

Lifeloggers: behind the camera with Victor Bloom 1


Photo of Ville Bloom

Victor Bloom is originally from Värmland, Sweden. His interest in film started at an early age, and like many of his friends he dreamed of a future career in film. He had moved to Stockholm to study media and learn how to do production and editing work for film and TV when he got the offer from Memoto to film a documentary that would take him around the world.

“Working while traveling all over the world wasn’t exactly the kind of gig you could turn down. It feels surreal that we actually got the job. Getting to travel and meet all these interesting people… it’s hard to describe when people ask about it. It’s hard to not sound like you’re bragging – which might be natural. Among everything else, I’m so happy I got the opportunity to see so many places in the USA, a country I adore. It was a great experience,” Ville says.

It was also an experience of much inspiration and personal development, having unique and interesting people such as Steve Mann share ideas and insights. From Dave Asprey in Canada, Ville learned that it’s possible to “biohack” yourself to make the body work more efficiently, improve your IQ and gain other benefits. That made him curious about the various tech gadgets Dave was using. “I’d have to save up the money first, but I’d like try some of those technologies to improve myself”, Ville says.

At the moment he uses lifelogging to keep tabs of his food intake. Taking notes of everything he eats makes room for reflection when he reviews the log later. “I’m trying to be on a diet – by logging my food I can look at the straight facts of all the unhealthy things I eat,” Ville says.

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After coming home, Ville was also tasked with editing the trailer for Lifeloggers. He’s focusing on his career, aspiring to work in film or TV. “Sometime in the future I’d like to produce a film of my own,” Ville concludes.

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