This week in lifelogging: top Internet trends 2013, Disney Magicband and fashion geeks

This week in lifelogging: top Internet trends 2013, Disney Magicband and fashion geeks

Mary Meeker’s top Internet trends 2013

Have we nailed it with the Memoto Lifelogging Experience? We certainly hope so! Mary Meeker, a general parter at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, has shared some insightful information on the Internet’s top trends in 2013. Out of this detailed analysis, we at Memoto are happy to know that quantified self data derived from wearable sensors are growing by times two month after month. In addition, photo taking and sharing is still an increasing phenomenon, which is accelerated by the fact that smartphones are still in the early stages and have a potential growth of three to four times their current stage.

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Wearable tech in Disney

Every one agrees with Mary Meeker on the wave of wearable tech. Samsung, Microsoft, Google and Disney. Yes, even the Disney theme parks. In order to enhance visitors’ experience, a new wristband was introduced to allow visitors to make purchases and reserve experiences at various check points. These wristbands are also aimed at preventing ticket fraud or lost tickets so you can enjoy your rides, worry-free. And if some of the rides are simply too exciting, why not put on a second wristband to monitor your nervous system? Check out the W/Me Kickstarter project here!

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New workout app for Pebble

If the Disney theme park rides simply don’t get your heart pumping fast enough, a new app developed by Alex Kennberg could probably do the job. The Pebble wrist watch, initially intended to be a smartphone companion, is now seeing new features and applications. The new app by Kennberg, for instance, guides users through 12 exercises in a 7-minute workout. And while you are working out, many developers out there are probably already thinking of new ways to integrate the Pebble smart watch into your everyday life with its expanded SDK and API options.

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Geeks in the fashion industry

We have great news for fashionistas who happen to be just a little… geeky. The convergence of fashion and wearable technology has brought the versatility of fashion apparel to a whole new level. No longer will we be confined by the limitations of the wardrobe or the ever familiar, “I need more clothes to match my new purple sweater.” This new technology gadget, known as the Adafruit Flora sensor, has a built-in color sensor that automatically emits your preferred color. Simply shine the sensor on another object and you’ve got a scarf of a totally new color that reflects that item. And if the fashion geek in you simply cannot tolerate the fact that your smartphone runs out of battery all the time, this trendy purse might just be the solution. Don’t you just love it when style meets technology?

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