This week in lifelogging: timeliness of wearable tech, how memory works and Melon headband to measure your focus

This week in lifelogging: timeliness of wearable tech, how memory works and Melon headband to measure your focus

This is the time for wearable tech

This week, in an exciting line-up at Google I/O 2013, we see many Google developers flocking to San Francisco for an inspirational time of creating life-improving technologies amongst other like-minded people. While many have gathered around Google’s table, anticipating what this tech giant is about to release, here’s an article that speaks about Google Glass being only the beginning of what greater things is to come in the wearable tech industry. We at Memoto, are of course very excited to be a part of this great expection!

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How memory works

Get up close and personal with Brenda Milner, highly respected for her innovative research within the field of memory and many others, creating breakthroughs and opening new possibilities for the treatment of brain cancer, dementia and epilepsy. Milner, through interacting with her patient, HM, established that people have multiple memory systems, each governing a different activity. This means that photographic memory, although compartmentalized within a specific area of the brain, could potentially trigger other parts of the brain to recall a specific moment of one’s life even when devoid of other trigger points such as audio, smell or touch. We sure hope that the Memoto Lifelogging Camera could help stimulate this area of the brain to bring back beautiful memories!

Watch video here: Inside the Psychologist’s Studio with Brenda Milner

Melon – Measure your focus

Kickstarter projects excite us a whole lot at Memoto (it’s no wonder why)! Especially so when it comes to things that we strongly believe in as well – lifelogging, the quantified self and wearable tech. Here’s introducing to you a new Kickstarter project – Melon. With a lightweight headband and an accompanying mobile app, Melon aims to help you make sense of how well you focus by translating brainwave data into visually appealing information that you can see on the mobile app, allowing you to improve your behavior from there. Already exceeding its Kickstarter goal of $100,000 in just 4 days, we’re eagerly awaiting what comes next from the team at Melon.

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Heapsylon makes sensor-rich fabric

You might ask what is so unusual in the picture above, except that someone is wearing an electronic anklet to measure what seems to be their pulse rate? And if you did ask that question, then the founders of Heapsylon are going to be jumping for joy in these little sensor-rich socks that they have developed. Bound together by a common belief that the garment should be the computer, three former Microsoft employees left their jobs to create a fabric packed with sensors. Although this new technology is only currently found in socks, we don’t negate the possibility of having tablets built into our apparel, do we?

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