Memoto – Big in Sweden

Memoto - Big in Sweden 3

”They are young, innovative thinking and dare to challenge. For the sixth consecutive year, Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden has appointed Sweden’s 33 hottest technology companies.”

– 33-listan, Ny Teknik/Affärsvärlden. 


This is a big week in Sweden for Memoto! We have won two awards hosted by the leading Swedish business magazines, one for Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden‘s “Sweden’s 33 hottest tech companies in 2013” and one for Veckans Affärer‘s “Sweden’s 24 hottest entrepreneurs“. We are delighted and honored to have won and to have the opportunity to share the spotlight with these great companies: Flattr, Fundedbyme, Fyndiq, Izettle, MagineKivra, Osom, Truecaller, Rabble, TocaBoca, Videofyme, Wrapp, ShapeupClub, Tictail, Videoplaza, Helishopter, hoatoolshop, Mojang, Peepoople, Thingsquare along with every other company awarded. Go check them out!

We’re also happy and proud to have our co-founder Oskar present on stage at the popular event Startup Day tomorrow, hosted by Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. All in all, seven people from the Memoto team will attend the event. Maybe we’ll get to meet some of you there? There will also be a live video stream, found via the link above, for those who aren’t present.

We wish you all a great weekend!