This week in lifelogging: Sleeker Google Glass, Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner and Memoto listed as one of the 33 hottest tech companies in Sweden

This week in lifelogging: Sleeker Google Glass, Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner and Memoto listed as one of the 33 hottest tech companies in Sweden

Google Glass has a new, sleeker competitor from Japan

Several Japanese firms have collaborated to create this Google Glass twin – the Telepathy One. However, there are several key differences between them. For one, the Telepathy One uses a micro-projection unit instead of a tiny glass display. Telepathy One also places more focus on the ears rather than the eyes, as seen from the entire device being held in place by its in-ear ear buds. Would you purchase the Telepathy One as an alternative to Google Glass?

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Smartphone scanner turns old negatives into digital Lomography copies

Got some film negatives buried under some well-archived treasure chest in your basement? Not sure what to do with them? This new Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner will take care of it. Simply turn the device on, insert your film, take a photo of it using your Smartphone and use your phone’s camera or the mobile app to edit and share. Bring the memories back!

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Lifelogging – for you and your pet

Designing pet collars for the Memoto camera has been a top request. While not every one is a dog lover out there, we understand the interest. Although there are many reasons, it appears that quantifying one’s pet would provide a voice that its owners would actually understand. Thumbs up for a canine Memoto camera?

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Maureen Lipman: If Memory Serves Me Right

In a bid to understand how memory works and if you can do anything to improve it, British actress and writer, Maureen Lipman, created a documentary “If Memory Serves Me Right.” Inspired by her own father who suffered from short-term memory losses, and fears of this happening to herself, Maureen Lipman interviewed memory experts and people who suffered from memory loss. Read more about what inspired her journey of personal and scientific discovery here; and if you live in the UK, you can watch the documentary here.

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Memoto listed as 33 hottest tech companies in Sweden

This week Memoto won two awards, one for Nyteknik and Affärsvärldens “Sweden’s 33 hottest technology companies in 2013” and the other for Veckans Affärers “Sweden’s 24 hottest entrepreneurs”. We wouldn’t have gotten there without your awesome support! A big thank you from the Memoto team.

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