This Week in Lifelogging: SXSW Takeaways, Samsung & Wearable Tech and Time-Lapse Videos

This Week in Lifelogging: SXSW Takeaways, Samsung & Wearable Tech and Time-Lapse Videos

Round-Up & Takeaways from SXSW

In concluding SXSW 2013 Accelerator Competition, one of the most emphasized themes was how there has been a gradual move from “Big Data” to “My Data”. At SXSW alone, we see an increase in the number of Quantified Self tools and wearable tech gadgets being made available, providing an indication of where we are heading – towards making technology work for us. For us at Memoto, besides soaking in the presence of the many Quantified Self tools and wearable tech gadgets, we took away 3 valuable lessons from SXSW and would like to share them with you. As a startup, we managed to gain a better insight into three aspects: connections, press mentions and energy. If you were also present at SXSW, we would like to know what your greatest takeaways were.

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Samsung Turning Up the Heat Against Apple iWatch


With the arrival of a new wave of wearable tech gadgets, it comes as no surprise that tech giants such as Apple, Google and Samsung are riding at the forefront of this wave. Samsung too? Yes, you heard right. Since Apple released news on its Apple iWatch, many have wondered why its other competitors have suddenly gone all quiet. Yet, just this week, Samsung announced that they have been working on a smart watch too. Well then, I guess we will all just have to keep watch for now!

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Nike & Its Quantified Self Accelerator Programme

Taking a step towards the realm of fitness within the Quantified Self community, we see that fitness giant Nike has also decided to invest additional resources into developing some top-notch wearable tech gadgets to enhance one’s physical fitness performance. With 10 companies in its TechStars Accelerator, each possessing very different value propositions, it is definitely worth keeping a lookout to see which of them emerges as Nike’s Next Big Thing.

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Beauty in Time-Lapse Videos

Could we build a ship in 76 seconds? Or take a spin through seven states in Australia in just 346 seconds? Or virtually orbit around the Earth in 248 seconds? These, and others, have been made possible through time-lapse videos, tediously put together by some of the most artistic and talented (and not to mention, very patient) people so that the rest of us on this Earth can take a visual tour and be blown away! And we’re anticipating in excitement to see how the Memoto Camera can propagate this beauty (:

Watch more time-lapse videos: A year through my window (Australia) and Time-Lapse | Earth

Release of Memoto Sample Photos and Moment View

Last week, we released some sample photos taken with our Memoto Camera prototype. This week, we provided more updates with respect to the Moment View on the Memoto Lifelogging App. Stay tuned for more updates from us!

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