This Week in Lifelogging: Predictions for 2013, privacy and how to get started with self-tracking

This Week in Lifelogging: Predictions for 2013, privacy and how to get started with self-tracking 6

 Even your mom will know what Quantified Self is

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QS could be a household name by the end of the year. The link below will take you to an interview with Dave Heller about his prediction and reasons behind it.

Listen at: The ‘quantified self’ may be breakaway trend for 2013

Get started Self-Tracking

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Measured Me walks you through Self-tracking in 5 simple steps: Make a goal, Keep it Simple, Don’t Wait, Make it a Habit and Ask for Help.

Find out more: So You Would Like to Start Self-Tracking

Health and Wealth through The Quantified Self?

This article looks ponders the question of whether the QS movement, apps and devices can actually be useful for everyone. It mentions some interesting and different things and ways people have self-tracked. “The next crucial step for self-tracking, several people said, will be the ability to integrate different data streams.”

Quantified self: The tech-based route to a better life?

Google Glass DIY

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Jason Lee decided to make his own lifelogging video device, “if Google is able to start developing such a device, it means that the components are now available and anyone should be able to follow suit.” He gives a step-by-step account of his own Google Glass project. Anyone interested in giving it a go?

Build Your Own Google Glass

Privacy and the City

For anyone with privacy concerns regarding surveillance, check out the thread below. Do any of you have ideas for blocking video or photos? Let us know in the comments!

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NOTE: You will need to create a Quora account if you are going to read more than one answer.

Are there any technologies to prevent yourself from being captured on camera or video?

More on privacy: Our TWIL from November on Surveillance v Sousveillance and ‘Creepy Cameraman’ pushes limits of public surveillance — a glimpse of the future?

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair’s editor, Graydon Carter, used the first part of his editor’s letter in the February 2013 edition to write about his thoughts on constant documentation and Quantified Self. “Where past generations had film cameras, scrapbooks, notebooks, and that part of the brain which stores memories, we now have a smartphone app for every conceivable recording need.” Check out Vanity Fair’s culture critic James Wolcott’s article in next month’s edition for more on the latest QS technology.

Recording Artists & Sadistic Chefs

More Mood Tracking from

(part 3 of the series mentioned in our last TWIL)

Your attitude about yourself can have a big effect on what you get out of your self-tracking experiments. “What you record about yourself is actually a very personal reflection of your inner world, and so the kind of self that you bring to bear on it will influence what effect the information has on you.”

Preparing Your Mental State for Self-Tracking (Get Your Mood On: Part 3)