Designing storage for your memories

Designing storage for your memories 4

The brain and the heart

When looking at the smart technology behind the Memoto camera you could consider it the brain behind Memoto, enabling you to capture the everyday moments of your life.

To view your moments, you’ll need to use Memoto’s smartphone application. This is where the emotional side of your moments comes into play as you re-live them and remember time spent with friends and loved ones. The application categorizes your moments and presents them to you in a way that reflects your life, making the application Memoto’s heart.

Re-living your moments

At Memoto, we don’t take lightly the importance of creating a good user experience around your moments. That’s why we’ve started by revising the most central part of the application: The timeline.

How moments are sorted and displayed for you on the timeline are a central part of the experience, and it’s also where you, as a user, will spend most of your time. We have put a lot of effort into making the timeline a seamless experience; one that feels easy to use, yet provides you with relevant information about your collected moments.

When using the Memoto camera on a daily basis, you will capture a lot of moments. That’s why the main challenge of the UX/design has been to separate moments while also keeping them connected, allowing you to easily see how many moments you’ve captured and on what day.

We’ve integrated the GPS and time data you collect, together with your captured images to create a focal point for the eye that guides you in browsing through your moments.

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Screenshots of the wip-design:

Snapshot of the new timeline. 

The information you collect together with your moments will be a focal point in the design, making it easy to get a overview of the day, time and location of where they were captured.


Spreadsheets that explain the design and figures as a guide for our kick ass developers.

We look forward to keeping you in the loop regarding the design and we’ll post further updates as we go along. In our next post, we will be covering the Moment view. Stay tuned!

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/ Petri Määttä
 Art Director
/Sebastian Björkelid