This Week in Lifelogging: what visual lifelogging is like, Expereal and Lifeloggers

This Week in Lifelogging: what visual lifelogging is like, Expereal and Lifeloggers 3

“Somehow this is not the same as a regular camera”

Rob Shields – Search Your Life from Steven Jonas on Vimeo.

The concept of visual lifelogging is very interesting but the lack of widespread examples makes the actual practice of it a bit difficult to imagine. Rob Shields recently presented his QS project, Search Your Life, at the Portland QS Meetup. His presentation offers a lot of insightful information on what it’s like to self-track by passively taking photos of your daily life. Among other things, he talks about why he does this, how others react to it and what it’s useful for; three very relevant questions about this kind of lifelogging.

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Free QS app helps keep track of how you experience life as it happens

The app allows you to rate your experience from 1-10 on a color wheel; other information regarding the experience can be added if desired. “Kahneman describes that as we recall past events – whether past relationships, jobs or vacations — we typically remember their totality in how they ended, NOT how we actually experienced them, regardless of their duration.” The makers of the app hope that by rating experiences as they happen, you will reduce this bias when reminiscing. What are your thoughts on QS in the psychological realm?

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The Value of Self-tracking

What practical applications stem from self-tracking? Some people question why anyone’s daily life would be interesting enough to tediously log, and perhaps from a strictly entertainment based perspective this is true; most of us lead fairly uneventful lives. But there are many other facets to consider, such as self-improvement. Take, for instance, how much time we spend at work and how that effects our lives. Would realizing how much time you actually spend sitting or staring at a computer or mindlessly snacking help you make a change? Check out this infographic from Learn, click the photo view it in it’s entirety.

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“Lifeloggers” trailer

Last summer, Memoto comissioned two student filmmakers to travel around the world and learn about lifelogging. The end result will be a free 30-minute documentary released in early 2013.

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