A glimpse of Minovi

A glimpse of Minovi

The other day I took a cup of coffee with Leonardo Godoy who is a super cool graphic designer at Minovi.

Minovi is a really interesting Swedish lifelogging company that inspires people to a more healthy and active lifestyle for the long-term. The name Minovi means “my-new-life” and that is exactly what they want to offer their users.

Leonardo explains to me that Minovi is an on-body monitoring system you wear around your chest. It monitors your heart rate throughout the day during all your daily activities. The goal is to be more active more often and see how many points you can earn. You’ll earn points for daily activities such as walking, cycling, housecleaning or even more physically challenging exercises such as running, workouts or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, everything counts.

Before the end of the day, you upload the data tracked with your chest strap to an online activity manager and see how many points you’ve earned. For example, if you’ve done 30 minutes brisk walking in a day, you earn 100 points. If you do something that is less strenuous you get fewer points or no points at all. Basically, it’s smart technical innovations like these that can help you get in shape. Minovis recommendation is at least 100 points a day.

The trick is to find something you enjoy that makes you more physically active in your daily routine. The benefits of daily activities will improve your lifestyle for the long term and even reduce the risks of dying early.

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I dont know about you guys but i will probably follow Leonardo’s advice –  get up and get moving and earn some points by being active!









For more information: www.minovi.se