Our last night in Victoria was also our last night in Canada. We summed up our staying at Ocean Island Inn with Canadian beer at the hostel pub and a lifelogger chat with the bartender and the manager. The closest they’d gotten was keeping track on numbers of beers/night. Well I guess that’s a type of logging.

20120801-151427.jpgSo early (really early) Monday morning we had the shortest flight so far; 20 min to our transit in Seattle. 20min from one country to another. The bus ride from my place to the Memoto office is longer than that! Well, from Seattle to Portland. We had a talk with Bert Krages, Attorney at Law, about the legal aspects of photography and lifelogging. Apparently the lifelogger have the law on his/her side in most situations. The exceptions were the obvious places like public bathrooms, locker rooms, hospitals etc. Witch I believe is totally fare, I certainly wouldn’t want a strangers butt in my timeline. Oh, and Steve Mann; you might want to think twice before visiting Texas, apparently the law is a bit vague when it comes to photography and intensions.


In the cab back to our hostel the cabdriver told us he’s had great use of logging both work and school. He take a bunch of courses online while working full time so by keeping track on his drive hours, income and studying he can distribute his time to be as efficient as possible for desired results. Later we took the bus home to Steven Jonas. He calls himself a self-experimenter and has a program that map everything he’s tracking. Very similar to the TicTrac service. (Steven you should check them out) Among many things, he and his girlfriend tracks and compare their sleep. They each wear a headband every night that measures the different stages of sleep and the data then shows as diagrams in a program (zeo). After the interview Steven offered to drive us back to the hostel and on the way we stopped by the famous Food Carts. Great crêpe, great interviews, great people, great 20h in Portland!

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