This week in lifelogging – olympic games special

This week in lifelogging - olympic games special

The olympic games in London are one week old and here at Memoto we’ve been following it intensely. The olympics are one of those periods of time when you know on beforehand that there will be real memorable moments made: historical happenings (alliteration unintended) that you will remember and want to relive again and agin on Youtube videos. Which moment of this weeks’ games do you think will be best remembered?

Our guess:


So what’s been going on in terms of lifelogging and the olympics this week?

Memolane: Crowd-Sourcing the 2012 Olympic Experience

Our friends over at Memolane have a special where you can take part in crowdsourcing the olympics. Just join Memolane and follow “London olympics” to share your stuff!

[memolane id=1]

Withings: Lightning Bolt Pose

Withings holds a contest where you can win a really cool limited edition Withings scale. To win one of the three copies available you upload a photo of yourself doing Usain Bolt’s patented pose (“the lightning pose”) to Withings facebook page.

Mashable: What’s Your Gold Medal Moment?

Mashable shares our interest for the moments and opens up a thread where you can share your most memorable moments from previous olympic games. Mashable also shares a wonderful list of video clips showing 10 unforgettable olympic moments.

Anyone’s got other tips on lifelogging aspects to the olympics? Share in the comment field below!